Mo Brooks – Leadership for America!

In 2010 when first elected to Congress, Mo Brooks promised he would defend the values that have made America the greatest nation in world history. Mo Brooks kept his word!

Mo Brooks Promotes Jobs & Free Enterprise:

In 2012, the United States Business and Industry Council, representing 2000 manufacturers and 200,000 American jobs, named Mo Brooks, over 93 other freshmen, as their “Fighting Freshman of the Year” for Mo’s job creation record and defense of free enterprise.

Mo Brooks Leads the Fight to Protect America’s Borders:

NumbersUSA gives Mo Brooks an “A+” for protecting America’s borders . . . the highest grade among Alabama House Members.

Mo Brooks Leads the Fight for the Principles that Make America Great!

Heritage Action ranks Mo Brooks #1 among Alabama House Members on “principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”

The American Conservative Union ranks Mo Brooks #1 among Alabama House Members on issues of “liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, and strong national defense.”

The National Taxpayers Union, the “Voice of America’s Taxpayers”, ranks Mo Brooks #1 among Alabama House Members on issues of “tax relief and reform, lower and less wasteful spending, individual liberty, and free enterprise.”

Mo Brooks:

“For seven decades, America has been the greatest nation in world history. No nation has come close to America’s military prowess, economic strength, and principles of morality and freedom. Today, the very principles that have made America great are under attack from within.

“If we band together and fight for what is right, America will continue its greatness. If we do not, the dream called America will fade. And everyone will suffer.

“You can help America by donating to quality candidates around the country, or by donating to Mo Brooks for Congress. The money donated to my campaign defends Alabama’s 5th Congressional District from the forces of darkness and helps like-minded candidates in House and Senate races.

“Our ancestors sacrificed to make America who we are. Please do the same for our children and grandchildren. Please help. America’s future depends on it!”